swing fish

Yesterday I saw a car with the license plate bukake. I have a picture but I haven’t figure out how to get pics off my damn mobile phone yet.

If you close your eyes you can imagine it, Ontario plates with letters b-u-k-a-k-e.

In a modern context, Bukkake (this vanity plate dropped the second k), if you don’t know, is a fetish that involves repeated ejaculation on a female by many men.

So how the hell did this vanity plate get past the MTO! Surely if I applied for the plate c-u-m-f-a-c-e, I would be denied. I guess the MTO doesn’t have the internet…

In other news (Japan being today’s theme), there’s a good chance that the sushi bylaw (fish must be frozen before served) will be relaxed, in part because “the two-year consultation process somehow missed getting input from the sushi industry“. One point sushi.

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One Response to “swing fish”

  1. elanamatic says:

    bizarro on both accounts.