Cheese and onion pie?

Collin (my new huzbond) and I just returned from our honeymoon in Chile and the Falkland Islands. There were some funnier moments I’d like to share. I’ll also post some pics in the coming days. Note: the following content does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of the huzbond.

1) Rock star moment: I absolutely crashed through and destroyed our hotel washroom sink in Chile. I always sit on bathroom counters to get close to the mirror to pick zits, my nose or floss my teeth – usual bathroom stuff. This time I was crouched on the counter with my feet in the sink, applied a little too much pressure and crasho. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t at the time: 5am, within hours of a plane to catch, going to a destination with only one air departure per week…

2) Being ambushed by a johnny rook: This is a super-smart bird of prey with no fear of anything, I should have known better. We had just finished a little lunch at the rockhopper penguin rookery and there were some little tussock birds hanging out, hoping for some crumbs. I began to hand feed them a few bits and within seconds there were gulls everywhere wanting a piece of the action. A few seconds more and it was silent, the gulls departed and left a tumbleweed moment in their wake. Of course, Collin spotted the johnny rook two feet behind me. The rook stood his ground wanting to know what all the gull action was about. These rooks are the kind of birds that poke out baby penguin eyes for breakfast. I’m not joking. We danced around for awhile, my heart pounding. We realised it wasn’t just one rook, but we were surrounded by four. The funny thing about rooks, they’re social, which is pretty unusual for birds of prey. At that point we made our exit. It turned out all right in the end and Collin managed to get some excellent close-up shots.

3) Collin containing his laughter when I thought the hogs were going to kill us: When we first arrived on Pebble Island in the Falklands, we didn’t know our way around very well and we ended up accidentally walking through a giant pigpen. I didn’t grow up around farm animals so I was freaked when suddenly there were eight big fat hogs running for me. They were so loud and scary, I was certain they wanted blood. I later went back and fed them some bread to make peace.

4) Sincerely, first time spotting a penguin in the wild: I’ve loved penguins since I was a little girl and the moment I saw a magellanic in his burrow, I just about peed my pants. They’re fascinating creatures, amazing to watch. Collin and I were lucky enough to see six species of penguin, even one freaky mohawk dude (erect-crested for those who care) who wandered to the Falklands all the way from New Zealand! We saw a few other renegade pinguinos over the course of our trip to the Falklands – a king within a gentoo colony, a macaroni within a rockhopper colony to name a couple.

5) Traveling in a landrover named Christina: On our first day at Sea Lion Island we were provided an introductory tour of the land. Eight of us piled into a landrover which, we later learned, channeled divine energy and luck from none other than the Christina Aguilera. Everyone drives landrovers in the Falklands. It’s probably one of the few places on earth where people actually NEED them – there are no roads on the islands, only trails or gravel paths in the more populated areas… With such a wet climate and no roads, the rovers get bogged down a lot. On this particular journey we had a few close calls and every time the rover made it out safely, our host driver would pat the dash and thank Christina. We did have an idea that some Christina loving was going on: on the dash were posted two Xtina pics. And we had no doubt when, after we conquered some rougher terrain, the driver pulled down his sun visor to reveal even more pics. But it took awhile for us to understand and take comfort in the knowledge that our journey was safely guided by an absentee American popstar who probably has no idea where the Falkland Islands even are. (All of this is made even funnier by the fact that I work at BMG, Christina’s parent label)

6) Horse races in Santiago: We met a great Chilean guy named Alex who accompanied us on a historical city tour on one of our last days in Chile. First stop, the race track. When we got there I immediately noticed a jockey with a pearly pink jacket. I wanted to place a bet! He was perfect. Alex actually noted the same jockey as well and casually mentioned he’d never bet on him, the horse looked too big and clunky. His comment completely quashed my intention to bet… so I forgot about it and listened to Alex tell us about the history of Chile, its relationship with other South American countries and the significance of the horse track. Then what do you know, the race begins and our attention is shifted. Guess who’s a million necks in the lead? Yes, pearly pink man and his clunky horse. Alex howled!

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One Response to “Cheese and onion pie?”

  1. Mike Burtt says:

    Ever notice how personality specific our sense of the bizarre is? Danielle trashing a hotel room hours before she flies out of Latin America? I have no trouble imagining that. Being attacked by a group of rooks? Let’s face it, just a matter of time. Finding her way to the races, picking out the winning horse and then not betting on it? Well, yes.

    But the city girl finding herself in another farmer’s field in which she would come face to face with a real farm animal – a pig at that?

    The world is getting stanger all the time. I can’t imagine what is going to happen next …