Election 2004

Please please please! Pray for that maniac BUSH to get ousted today. And it doesn’t end today… these well-organised nutjobs will try to steal the election again, even if Kerry wins. Here are 99 reasons why Bush must be defeated.

This list is taken from an old babesagainstbush.com entry; an entry which is no longer available at their site.

1. His stupid war in Iraq.
2. Halliburton.
3. Cheney.
4. $87 Billion.
5. Medicare “reform.”
6. Where’s Osama?
7. About those weapons of mass destruction…
8. Donald Rumsfeld.
9. Richard Perle.
10. Paul Wolfowitz.
11. “Bring it on.”
12. “Mission Accomplished.”
13. 400 billion dollar defense budget.
14. Four dollar social services budget.
15. Tax “reform” benefitting the top 2% income bracket.
16. Karl Rove.
17. Didn’t win the popular vote.
18. Didn’t really win the electoral vote. Thanks, U.S. Supreme Court.
19. Hundreds of dead U.S. troops since the “end of combat operations” in Iraq.
20. $180+ million campaign war chest, all the better to buy the next election with.
21. Professed support for constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.
22. Didn’t bother to renew unemployment benefits in time for thousands of American families, December 2002.
23. Fox News.
24. FCC attempts to deregulate broadcast ownership regulations.
25. Repeated attempts to legalize oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
26. Son of George Bush, Sr.
27. Brother of Jeb.
28. Pushes “free trade” agreements enabling loss of U.S. jobs, exploitation of third world workers.
29. “Operation Iron Hammer.”
30. Guantanemo Bay human rights abuses.
31. “Collateral damage.”
32. The Patriot Act.
33. Patriot Act II.
34. Misuse of FBI to harass peace activists.
35. Elevation of minor offenses to federal crimes under the guise of fighting “terrorism.”
36. Opposition to national health care.
37. Opposition to University of Michigan’s attempts to retain affirmative action in admissions policies.
38. Bechtel.
39. Undermining of Freedom of Information Act.
40. Massive unemployment.
41. Tax breaks for companies moving facilities offshore.
42. Reactionary judicial appointees.
43. Attempts to “reform” 75-year-old fair labor practices regulations by eliminating legal requirement to pay millions of Americans overtime.
44. Copped out on the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.
45. Lied to American public about reasons for war.
46. Lied to the United Nations about reasons for war.
47. Prohibited filming or broadcast of coffins of slain service personnel returning to Andrews Air Force Base.
48. Lied about Jessica Lynch’s “heroism.”
49. Ignored the heroism of less-photogenic/non-white combat personnel who perished in action.
50. Lied that Saddam Hussein and Al Quaeda had something to do with one another.
51. “Axis of Evil.”
52. Executed 152 prisoners, including the mentally disabled, as Governor of Texas.
53. Publicly mocked Karla Faye Tucker prior to her execution – “Please don’t kill me.”
54. Ignores Chinese abuses in Tibet.
55. Tony Blair/George Dubya: best pals.
56. Administration doctored CIA intelligence reports to make case for war, then tried to blame the agency.
57. Opposition to minimum wage increases.
58. “Shock and Awe.”
59. Attempts to distract public from failed policies through use of gay marriage as a campaign “wedge” issue.
60. Willingly accepts support of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson.
61. Gave convicted Iran-Contra criminal John Poindexter a job.
62. “Total Information Awareness.”
63. Administration has reserved right to preemptively use nuclear weapons for “defense” purposes.
64. Went to England to get his picture taken with the queen in order to appear more presidential during 2004 campaign.
65. Protectionist policies for big-bucks buddies in agricultural, steel, and textile industries.
66. Opposition to living wage ordinances.
67. Best pals with Ken Lay of Enron, massive gubernatorial and presidential campaign contributor.
68. Refusal to condemn Israel’s murder of American peace activist Rachel Corrie.
69. Refusal to negotiate with Yasser Arafat, elected leader of the Palestinian people.
70. Support for development of “non-lethal” weapons systems.
71. Support for “Star Wars II” missile defense system.
72. Flew to Iraq to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
73. Didn’t bother to visit wounded soldiers in hospitals on Thanksgiving.
74. Thanksgiving visit forced soldiers to eat turkey “dinner” at 6:00 am local time.
75. Didn’t bother to visit the families of slain soldiers.
76. Hasn’t attended any soldiers’ funerals.
77. Taxpayers’ tab for 2-hour Baghdad visit: $1 million.
78. Using FBI to spy on domestic protest groups – just like Nixon – in new COINTELPRO campaign.
79. Brother Neil paid $60,000 per year as consultant by company seeking government contracts.
80. Republican filibuster for Bush judicial nominees.
81. General Tommy Franks: “Martial law could be declared” if there’s another 9/11 style attack in U.S.
82. Special favors for broadcast buddies courtesy FCC: Repeal of regulations limiting broadcast ownership.
83. Ignored warnings from outgoing Clinton administration officials about threats posed by Al Queda.
84. Project for a New American Century: Group planned Iraq attack before Bush was even elected.
85. Support for limitations on pain and suffering, medical malpractice damage awards by courts.
86. Changed headline on White House website to rewrite history: “End of combat operations” became “end of major combat operations.”
87. Modified White House website to prevent indexing/archiving of such future revisions.
88. Rush Limbaugh likes him.
89. Supports nuclear power.
90. Refuses to fund renewable/eco-friendly energy research and programs.
91. Blocking congressional investigation into 9/11.
92. His “forest preservation” initiatives were the opposite.
93. Oil drilling in the Great Lakes.
94. Can’t drive a Segway.
95. Thought milk cost $5 a gallon. Totally out of touch.
96. Tried to make the queen wear an ID in her own palace – AND screwed up her TV reception.
97. None of the Babes, though employed, can afford health care.
98. Pledged billions for AIDS research in Africa; forgot to pay up once the cameras were off.
99. Christmas present to America, 2003: Orange Alert.

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2 Responses to “Election 2004”

  1. elanamatic says:

    right on! welcome back D or is that Mrs. D 😉

  2. World News says:

    Hey, I should show my editor your blog! Compliments 🙂