the crying and devastation…

I was out with a good friend last night and she told me about the experience of breaking up with her latest flame, “after the crying and devastation, he handled it well.”

My first reaction was to laugh at the language in her statement. The contrast is amazing and well, funny. You have to feel sorry for the poor bastard in some ways, but we humans are resilient and, no doubt, now that the initial shock has subsided, he is handling it well.

When I got home last night I realised that her breakup story could easily be applied to the global feeling around dealing with the U.S. election this week. Now that the crying and devastation are
s-l-o-w-l-y wearing off, can we turn towards vigilance?

Right now there are lawyers, activists, academics, statisticians, journalists and others from all walks of life working to figure out what the hell went wrong – why exit poll numbers on November 2 are so mismatched to the election results? No, exit polls are not scientific – but they are good indicators and they’ve indicated that something went wrong. And why did so many absentee ballots never make it? Consider provisional voting issues, redistricting, purging “felons” from voting lists… So many things to consider, write about, read about and give voice to.

Here’s an example of a breaking story today from the Associated Press as printed in the San Francisco Chronicle, Voting machine error gives Bush 3,893 extra votes in Ohio”

This is happening all over the United States folks – this is not a unique story.

As Dubya once said himself in 2000, “I hope we get to the bottom of the answer. It’s what I’m interested to know.”

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