Follow your bliss.

I didn’t choose my new year’s resolution. Rather, it chose me and revealed itself in the form of Joseph Campbell.

i used to believe

This is so cute! is a place where you can post, read and comment on ideas people thought were true as kids. Categories include music (think kiss this guy), body parts, etc. It’s really clean, Bill Cosby-type humour for the most part. It’s fun. Here are a couple of examples (and one from me!): […]

Elliott Smith B-Sides

elliottsmithbsides contains dozens of demos, live versions, b-sides and alternates. This is the most comprehensive audio download site I’ve found. Note: the site goes offline periodically due to exceeding bandwidth limits – it’s a popular site. If this happens, check back at the beginning of the month.

There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.

If Morrissey can forgive Jesus, why can’t CBS, ABC and NBC?

This is your brain on lily

Back in 1998 or so I remember reading a particularly disturbing Savage Love column and being so grossed out I had to call everyone I knew to share the story.