i used to believe

This is so cute! iusedtobelieve.com is a place where you can post, read and comment on ideas people thought were true as kids. Categories include music (think kiss this guy), body parts, etc. It’s really clean, Bill Cosby-type humour for the most part. It’s fun.

Here are a couple of examples (and one from me!):

“When my younger daughter was small she loved to sing in the car. One day she demanded we sing “The Rabbit In The Sea” It took us at least 15 minutes to figure out that she meant “My Bonny (bunny) Lies Over The Ocean.”

“I used to believe that the toilets on airplanes emptied out in the sky and would fall into cities, so I would write notes on a napkin with my name on it and flush it thinking I would get a pen pal down below. Then I would be ask my mom if I got any mail when we got home. Don’t ask….”

When I was a child I used to believe that shot glasses were little glasses my grandparents put out just for me. One time there was a shot glass on the kitchen table – filled with what I thought was gingerale. I picked it up and downed it. It was actually a shot of Crown Royal Whisky for my grandpa. That was painful!

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One Response to “i used to believe”

  1. geordie says:

    OK – I have one. When I was about 4 I found this picture in one of our family’s photo albums that showed my dad holding me when I was too small to remember. But here’s the freaky part, he appeared to have antlers growing out of this head!

    I inquired about this and my parents told me that for a period of time, all men grew antlers which then fell off. I spend the next 2 -3 years dutifully looking for men (at the mall, at school, on the street) who just happened to be passing through that phase of their lives in which they sported antlers. I looked forward to sprouting a rack myself at some point in life.

    Needless to say, my ambitions in that respect were, and continue to be, dashed by a heartless universe.

    I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I realized they were lying. I was sitting, playing with a dinky car at the step down into our sunken living room when it hit me – surely, statistically speaking, I ought by now to have seen someone at that stage … neither of my two brothers had grown antlers – by God I’d been duped by none other than my own flesh and blood!

    I confronted them, they didn’t remember telling me this false-hood, but they did remember the picture – my dad had been standing in front of a stag head mounted on the wall.

    I must have been about 8 when I finally arrived at this shattering conclusion – and my universe was sadly and irrevocably tilted a few degrees closer to reality.