Julie’s Story

Have you seen the recent “lifestyle” television ad in which a woman of fortyish is expressing her desire to lose weight? Which one of a thousand you ask? This ad is peculiar because it doesn’t really hardsell anything. It shows a woman being active, laughing with friends, etc. There are two moments in this commerical […]

Preserving your bliss.

By raising your legs slowly and laying on your back, you can’t sink in quicksand. You just never know, a’ight?

TD says we’re no better off than 1989

TD Bank released a report today announcing that the “well-being of the average Canadian has barely advanced over the past 15 years”. In addition, they’re urging the Feds to cut taxes and supplement policies that boost income and productivity. That’s pretty rich coming from a bank, don’t you think? I’m not an economist but I […]

Random bliss.

Ok, ok. This isn’t first and foremost about bliss, but it could be depending on the results! Email Roulette: send and receive random emails to and from people you don’t know. So far I’ve sent two emails about Heino’s FaceAnalyzer results and one email about fossil species of penguins. I’ve received one random so far […]

Samantha Fox Kills Bliss Dead

When I was 11 my friends decided to drag me to a dark, dank theater of cruelty where they proceeded to scramble my brain with hours of Samantha Fox.

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