Analyze this! Will it find my bliss?

Can “science” help me find my bliss? Is FaceAnalyzer the answer?

In my quest to follow my bliss (exactly what that bliss is, I don’t know), I dutifully uploaded my mug hoping the analysis would give me some kind of clue; a tip to help me discover my bliss.

Instead I find out I’m a boring twat!

Personality Profile
Intelligence  5.2 Average Intelligence
Risk  5.1 Average Risk
Ambition  5.5 Average Ambition
Gay Factor  1.3 Very Low Gay Factor
Honor  5.1 Average Honor
Politeness  6.4 Average Politeness
Income  5.9 $30,000 – $50,000
Sociability  6.5 Average Sociability
Promiscuity  5.0 Low Promiscuity

The quest for my bliss continues.

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