Random bliss.

Ok, ok. This isn’t first and foremost about bliss, but it could be depending on the results!

Email Roulette: send and receive random emails to and from people you don’t know. So far I’ve sent two emails about Heino’s FaceAnalyzer results and one email about fossil species of penguins. I’ve received one random so far and it just said “heyyyyyyy”.

Do I feel I gave more to the universe than I got back? Absolutely. Am I hopeful that someone will blow my mind? I know it will happen.

Now here’s the challenge! Join and let’s see if we randomly bump into each other. Post the message(s) you receive in the comments section here and let’s see if we connect!

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5 Responses to “Random bliss.”

  1. lilydustbin says:

    Here’s one I got this morning: “There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief, there’s too much confusion, i cant get no relief. business men, they drink my wine, come and dig my herb”

    A Bob Dylan fan… much better than heyyyyyyy. But lyrics are an easy way out! I want original thought. Nothing pleases me…

    This is fun!

  2. MyKLove says:

    delightfully strange…
    that you posted a comment to one of your own posts, as contextually valid as it is, fills me with the same glee as when the beastie boys sampled themselves on “hello nasty”

    my universe has been expanded

  3. MyKLove says:

    i believe this is a really important cosmic tool. thank you for sharing… i’ve sent my first one. perhaps then, in chaos will we meet.

  4. lilydustbin says:

    Here’s another one:

    My roulette:
    >There are more nutrients in the cornflake
    >package itself than there are in the actual

    B.Dog’s back at me:
    >Celery provides less energy that it takes to
    >eat it.
    >be happy

  5. lilydustbin says:

    zenspider’s roulette:
    What is the meanest thing you have ever done? Did you get away with it?

    my response:
    when i was nine, i was bored so i made up a story and told the cops i was kidnapped. no i did not get away with it.