Julie’s Story revealed

Recently I wrote about an insulting commercial that encourages women to ask their doctor about “Julie’s Story” – Julie being the attractive, weight-conscious woman featured in said ad. The commerical insinuates that Julie needs to lose five pounds to be truly fulfilled.(As my huzbond says, “the jeans she bought in grade six just don’t fit […]

This is how wars get started.

The following is an email exchange that I witnessed this week. Spanning three countries and two continents, we’ve got a cry for help, a forgotten bartender, a reference to David Hasselhoff and more! It all started in the deep south. The cast: B – Southern belle J – German philosopher G – French trickster * […]

Creation of Man Turned Crime Scene

photo credit: Elizabeth Conley / The Detroit News “In a particularly philistine and backward act, artist Edward Stross was sentenced to prison last week for his mural depicting a bare-breasted figure on a building in Roseville, Michigan, in suburban Detroit. The artist was ordered by District Judge Marco Santia to serve 30 days in jail, […]

Why are people dickheads?

It all started last week when mr.hotmail account emailed me at work to dutifully inform me that someone had registered a URL with a name similar to one of our artists’. It’s an ILLEGAL DOMAIN, sir dickhead plead, you must do something about it… Not caring about the URL in the least, but somewhat suspicious/curious, […]

Evidence of Canadian Winter.

Geez Louise! Forget rust-proofing your car… we’re a nation of dysfunctional denims! Trousers and model courtesy of kungfupingu.

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