Why are people dickheads?

It all started last week when mr.hotmail account emailed me at work to dutifully inform me that someone had registered a URL with a name similar to one of our artists’. It’s an ILLEGAL DOMAIN, sir dickhead plead, you must do something about it…

Not caring about the URL in the least, but somewhat suspicious/curious, I investigated the registration record and sure enough, it was mr. hotmail himself who had registered the domain. What a dick!

Stupidly, I got into a bit of a row with him and he’s now retaliated by damning me to daily dispatches of smut.

So, if you need to increase the volume of your seminal fluid by 500%, I know just the trick.

Speaking of cultural contamination, I’m no fan of Paris Hilton’s, BUT in her defense I have to say that the anal pube who posted her Blackberry’s contents online over the weekend is a colossal dickhead. Admittedly, I did feel the urge to call Vin Diesel and ask him, dude you were good in Boiler Room… what happened?

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One Response to “Why are people dickheads?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    They just are D.