Why am I surprised??!

Seinfeld did it shamelessly. You see it in movies and on television all the time. Even my favourite bands are hustling cars as I write this. Everyone is joining the product placement game or licensing their work to big business, so it seems… and I think it sucks. It’s not about the dreaded 90s cliché […]

Your future wife

Recently I went to an old paper show and sale at the CBC and I came across a set of penny arcade cards from the 1930s. The novelty “horrorscopes” foretold life with your future mate. I’m in love with the cards, they’re silly and so funny. I just have to build some sort of online […]

Fight the TatAd

I always have the best intentions when I buy a newspaper, book or magazine – ‘yes, of course I’ll read that one evening this week’. Well, why then is there a pile of magazines and newspapers in my living room dating back to 2003? Because information accumulates too fast and I have the attention span […]

It’s a Spring Thing?

photo: Now Magazine I ran across the above photo in this week’s style section in Now Magazine. If this hideous little fashion number really represents the styling we can expect to see all summer, I’ll gladly take another three months of mitts & parka – please and thank you! (Are those lime green bicycle shorts […]

How do you explain this?

I was in a cab last night, feeling super-anxious as I was stupidly late to meet a friend for dinner. Adding to my impatience was the fact that the weather had turned snowy (aren’t we two seconds away from spring, wtf?) and the cab driver was taking it easy, aurgh! I didn’t care that the […]

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