In a State of Sandra

A few years ago I went to see a highly regarded psychic and she blew my mind. She had it all: names, places, warnings, advice and more. When the consultation concluded, I was so tired I just wanted to sleep for three days. My “psychic space” had been tapped and reflected back to me and I wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

The word “invasion” may be too strong to describe my experience considering I invited the psychic into my great void, but there was definitely an intrusion of some kind. Truthfully, I’ve found comfort in some of my neuroses and when they were revealed as just that, well it was hard to continue to justify them. I’ve never gone back but maybe one day when I’m ready to do some work with what’s made manifest, I will.

On the lighter side of my encounter was a piece of advice the psychic gave me. “Watch out for a woman named Sandra at work.”

At the time I didn’t know anyone at my place of work named Sandra, so I just fluffed it off. Until… several years later I started a new job with a much bigger company and the chances of working with a Sandra increased. Well, how about three Sandras?!

It was kind of funny at first but as I started working with the Sandras, I realised two of them had the potential and attitude to do serious damage to me. So I had this hilarious internal dialogue/battle going on whenever I had to directly deal with them. The psychic warned that a woman named Sandra would misrepresent my actions in a negotiation or crisis situation. I made sure everything I worked on with them was complete and in good standing all the time. I didn’t let a thing slide.

Nothing catastrophic ever occured (personality conflicts here and there) and the two Sandras are now gone from the company. I just hope the third Sandra, the Sandra under the radar, isn’t the one I should really be looking out for.

Who wants to be in a state of Sandra?

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