Blair switch project reminds me of camillagate…

We all know by now that Prince Charles postponed his wedding to Camilla to accomodate the Pope’s funeral this Friday. Who forced the switch, who can say for sure, “but there was an audible sigh of relief within Whitehall at the postponement – avoiding an embarrassing clash for Tony Blair and allowing him to attend both the Pope’s funeral and the royal wedding,” quoted from today’s New Zealand Herald.

Considering Charles’ media dealings of late (who can forget last week’s muttering “I can’t bear that man” – caught on tape of course) and the setbacks his wedding has faced from the get-go (venue changes, media leaks) – he must be illustriously pissed.

I’ve been thinking about his woes and had a distastefully delightful thought. Let’s twist the metaphysical knife: imagine if the Pope himself were to be awarded Charles’ secret wish to be the lucky buck reincarnated as Camilla’s tampon!?

“Oh, what a wonderful idea,” she says.

If you’d like to know more about the future King’s secret desires, take a moment to become familiar with Camillagate.

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