I ate a boy sandwich

Shaved turkey, pickles and mustard on brown – that’s a boy sandwich.

Tomato, lettuce and swiss cheese on brown – that’s a girl sandwich.

Anything mustardy, dilly, beefy, saurkrauty, horseradishy, peppery, BBQy, sloppy joey or meatbally are for boy sandwiches.

Anything cheesy, tomatoey, eggy, grilled chickeny, avocadoey, leafy greeny, sprouty or eggplanty are for girl sandwiches.

Anybody know the rules, can I still be a feminist and think this way?

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3 Responses to “I ate a boy sandwich”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shoo don’ mek no senz.
    boyz unt girls eets all kinza san’niches!

    I don’ kno what shoo tawkin’ bowt!

    Eez crazee!

  2. sara says:

    …as soon as i stop laughing at this one, i’ll attempt to answer the question. :p soooo true! mention eggplant or avacado on a sandwich and boys go, “wha…?”

  3. elanamatic says:

    i think me and mine are gender neutral. we eat all kinds of sandwichs where i come from 😉