Tatad’s rockin’ the vote

I’ve discovered the mecca of lame-ass banner ads, rockthevote.ca


“Rock the Vote encourages young people to create positive social and political change in their lives and communities through awareness and action.” However, before you can do all that, you must get pierced and pissed off. In that order.

When are we going to treat youth with respect and dignity?

Not until we hit rock bottom. According to the comment spam Darren Little kindly left today, rockthevote just signed a deal with Tatad. Tatad connects those offering permanent advertising space on their bodies to companies/organisations willing to pay for that space. Darren malfunctions during the day as Tatad’s CEO and amazingly, the dude can sleep at night. Good for him.

Thankfully, rockthevote.ca is hardly a force in Canada. Generally, we only see the US spillover from the .com and you’ll find that if you compare the two. The majority of the Canadian content is pure lip service.

We have a more thoughtful organisation called “Rush The Vote” which seems to actually care about youth action in Canada and its strong connections to global human rights, art, environment and community.

Still, that doesn’t mean I want to see “Rush The Vote” inked permanently on any kid’s skin… or a Liberal party logo.

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