equality? sure, it’s in the can.

Forget about the usual feminist agenda, those dreadfully drab chick issues like pay equity, reproductive rights, violence, body image, leaving your husband, destroying capitalism and practising witchcraft. Oops, strike those last few from the public record. I didn’t mean to blow our cover, my fellow shedevils. Seriously, who gives a care about any of that […]

my eastern european yearnings…

I came across this image today at b3ta’s Phallic Logo Awards. I had to laugh, this is totally a real logo. When I was in Prague a couple years ago with Collin, I was eating this stuff 2-3x a day. It tastes like a sausage smoothie should and it spreads on baguettes like silky smooth […]

The hard rainbow/supersurf/warp & woof/your world stage

“The Exquisite Corpse game (along with some of the most influential and intriguing art of the century) was developed by the artists and writers associated with Andre Breton’s surrealist group during the third decade of the twentieth century. The process on this site has been digitized. It is a collaboration between a small number of […]

Uh, ya think this is a good idea?

Check out this “freely browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago” – even includes Google maps to mark the spot(s)! Now I know exactly where to go to score pot and/or find a pimp in Chicago. Right on! According to chicagocrime.org, lately most crimes occur in the hours of noon to 3pm. I find that […]

You didn’t want to be seen with me. The jacket made you do it.

I felt so naive when I realised it. Some years ago, I briefly dated an alcoholic/obsessive compulsive. He was fun, drinking was the new past-time and only now do I realise how serious his problems with alcohol were (I really hope it’s “were” – I saw him a couple years ago and he looked healthy). […]

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