Go Brazil!

Hey Brazil, thanks for standing up to the US of A and saying no to the Bush Administration’s space alien AIDS policy.

“Brazil declined $40 million of US funds to fight AIDS, making it the first country to take a stand against the Bush Administration’s AIDS policy requiring recipients to sign a pledge opposing prostitution. According to Voice of America, Brazilian officials feel that condemning prostitution will damage efforts to protect sex workers from contracting and spreading HIV/AIDS, a group that has the highest risk of contracting AIDS.”

Source: Feminist Daily News Wire

Those dinks at the white house only fund abstinence-based education, which obviously leaves people all over the world with little ability to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS, other STDs, unwanted pregnancies, etc.

In fact, health organisations outside of the US that receive US funding are barred from using SEPARATE, PRIVATE monies for abortion counseling, services, and referrals – a Reagan/Bush Sr. policy that the current Bush reinstated on his first official day in office.

Donate a buck or something and help out. The money’s gotta come from somewhere if it ain’t coming from those evildoers in charge.


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