my eastern european yearnings…


I came across this image today at b3ta’s Phallic Logo Awards.

I had to laugh, this is totally a real logo. When I was in Prague a couple years ago with Collin, I was eating this stuff 2-3x a day.

It tastes like a sausage smoothie should and it spreads on baguettes like silky smooth peanut butter. I even smuggled a load of it home but for some reason, it tasted better there than here.

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One Response to “my eastern european yearnings…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Man o man. Dem iz sum crazee weenerz he is put in hiz mouth! Hola Mola! Eez crayzee! Youz is before put in about ze san’iches, now youz is put in about sum hola mola hot’n doggiez! I tell yoo, boya boya, he sum sho like them sasijezz!

    I go wacka toppa mah hed wid mah hands like a drum! Dem is long rods of sum meetz!