equality? sure, it’s in the can.

Forget about the usual feminist agenda, those dreadfully drab chick issues like pay equity, reproductive rights, violence, body image, leaving your husband, destroying capitalism and practising witchcraft. Oops, strike those last few from the public record. I didn’t mean to blow our cover, my fellow shedevils.

Seriously, who gives a care about any of that nonesense when we hot mamas can have toilet equity?

Shorter Waits for Women in New York Restrooms

The City Council of New York City passed legislation this week requiring new public venues and those undergoing renovations, such as bars, restaurants, theaters or concert halls, to create restroom equity by establishing a two-to-one ratio of women’s to men’s stalls. Alternatively, businesses can comply by making more of their facilities unisex and increasing the number of stalls available to women. Schools, hospitals and prisons will not be affected by the legislation. According to the New York Times, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania and California already have similar measures in effect.

Read full article from source.

Finally! Gosh.

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