South Park Leading the Revolt Against “Liberal Bias”?

Double whammy this morning, I’m feeling cross-eyed! First, I’m numb from the thought of Lynne, Condi and Laura gone wild with male strippers in some godforsaken place… yuck. Wouldn’t Condi’s face crack and fall off if she had a feeling? A longing in her loins I’m sure would pop her head right off. (see Laura […]

Tom Cruise. His lips are moving but…

“Jung was an editor for the Nazi papers during World War II.” “Look at the experimentation the Nazis did with electric shock and drugging. Look at the drug methadone. That was originally called Adolophine. It was named after Adolf Hitler.” From an interview with Entertainment Weekly. EW’s researchers have refuted both statements. What an asshole.

Farm up for the super-centenarians!

“It took humans 10,000 years to learn how to grow most of the crops we now take for granted. Along the way, we despoiled most of the land we worked, often turning verdant, natural ecozones into semi-arid deserts. Over 60% of the human population now lives vertically in cities. The time has arrived for us […]

A serious case of cara grossa…

It’s time to spread the word about a disease known as “cara grossa”. It only afflicts celebrities and is usually detectable over long periods of time. It can be difficult to spot unless: a) you haven’t seen the star for many years – ie: your most recent memory is at least a 5-10 years old; […]

Drug Deal Interrupted: Heat wave encourages willy-wavin’ creepy naked guy. Part Two.

A slightly frantic conversation ensues. “Um, there’s a naked guy following my friend and I. We’re not sure what to do and we’re scared.” “Where is he right now?” “Uhhh, walking behind us. We’re on Palmerston just south of Bloor… Can you please send someone right away?” “What is he doing ma’am? Does he have […]

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