Who’s paying these prices? If it’s you – STOP!

The lovely huzbond and I visited Ottawa last weekend for a friend’s wedding. My first trip to Ottawa was for a big gay wedding – I think that’s the most proud I’ve felt to be Canadian in my whole life. As far as nation states go, Canada is fucking cool. We know love is love and who cares about a person’s personal plumbing a.k.a. their bathing suit parts. (well most of us anyway, Stephen Harper is still a big loser face)

It was a great, beautiful day. We did the wedding thing until our eyes crossed from cheer and late in the evening we made the journey back to our hotel room.

“Hey, let’s watch a movie!”

Into bed we did get, turned on the satellite, monster technologied-out tv and began to scroll through our options from heaven. Our main choices were films in the theatre now or films that had just finished their run. After a mild bickerfest, we decided on The Manchurian Candidate.

“$10.95? Are they insane? They want $10.95 for a movie that I could BUY on DVD for less than $15 right now?! How much is a NEW movie?”

The new movies, movies in theatres right now, cost $11.95. Adult films cost $13.95 (cheaper than a lady of the evening I suppose…), play Nintendo for two hours and you paid $6.95. Through this wonderbox, you could also purchase 120mins of quality listening time with your favourite CD (if you count Celine Dion, Kenny Chesney and Cher among your favourite artists).

You pay a hundred bucks for a hotel and they kick you straight in the head. I’m tired of paying more for less. All the time with the more for less… Can I get a break here?

Still haven’t seen The Manchurian Candidate.

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