Drug Deal Interrupted: Heat wave encourages willy-wavin’ creepy naked guy. Part Two.

A slightly frantic conversation ensues.

“Um, there’s a naked guy following my friend and I. We’re not sure what to do and we’re scared.”

“Where is he right now?”

“Uhhh, walking behind us. We’re on Palmerston just south of Bloor… Can you please send someone right away?”

“What is he doing ma’am? Does he have a weapon, is he threatening you?”

“He’s just walking. He has nothing. No clothes, shoes. Nothing. Please, send someone. We don’t know what to do and we’re scared.”

Our banter went on like this for awhile. I think that because there was no direct threat and he didn’t appear to have a weapon, our case wasn’t as urgent as we would have liked. Our dispatcher said they would send someone as soon as they could and asked that we understand it was a busy night for them. But GOSH, there’s a naked guy following us! I asked the friendly 911 lady if she would at least stay on the phone with us until we got to my apartment and she agreed since we were so close already.

At around the same time, we were crossing Ulster, naked guy in tow. Just as we were crossing, we saw some people standing around a car in the intersection at Markham.

“Look, there’s people! Hey! Help!!”

We started running and everyone panicked and scattered all at once. Naked guy cut into the backyard of a corner property. The people around the car looked up, saw us running, freaked out and scrambled to get the hell out of there. We interrupted some wheelin’ and dealin’. I guess they thought we was the fuzz.

Exhausted and terrified, naked guy gone and no help in sight, we shuffled back to my place and hung out for a bit. I didn’t sleep at all that night.

The weird thing about the guy is he looked like your best friend from university. He was groomed, athletic, not bad looking. A fellow Toronto blogger, Pony, wrote about a similar experience around the same time. There was a happy-go-lucky spirit about him, I have to agree with Pony. And I also agree that this is just not acceptable behaviour – it scares girls naked guy! Not cool.

So that’s the story of the willy-wavin’ creepy naked guy. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about the peeping landlord who left a little present for me one night …

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