South Park Leading the Revolt Against “Liberal Bias”?

Double whammy this morning, I’m feeling cross-eyed! First, I’m numb from the thought of Lynne, Condi and Laura gone wild with male strippers in some godforsaken place… yuck. Wouldn’t Condi’s face crack and fall off if she had a feeling? A longing in her loins I’m sure would pop her head right off. (see Laura Bush, Desperate Housewife) But great Mrs. President is happy to horse around with her public. Anything to ruffle the feathers of those stuffy evangelicals is fine with me – Pat Roberston needs a good stir. Unless however, this is another sinister Karl Rove tactic to bring the Bush clan closer to middle America… Bush has hit his lowest approval rating yet. No shit sherlock.

And then there’s this book, “South Park Conservatives: The Revolt against Liberal Media Bias“. The author, Brian C. Anderson “claims that ‘conservatives … are overthrowing the liberal media and political correctness,’ and at the vanguard of this revolution is South Park, which ‘has mocked — with scathing genius — hate-crime laws and sexual harassment policies, liberal celebrities, abortion-rights extremists, and other shibboleths of the Left.'”

You can read more about it at AlterNet.

What am I missing here? South Park makes fun of everything! The whole idea of “liberal bias” is so ridiculous. What, hate-crime laws are liberal bias? Fighting sexual harassment is a brain-child of the left? Violence at abortion clinics should be tolerated? Why does this idea of liberal bias pervade our culture yet no one talks about conservative bias, which is so much more apparent on a daily basis? It seems that when an issue is discussed in terms of secular humanism and not christianity, it’s labeled liberal bias.

Anyway, I think the idea behind this book is hilarious. Co-opting South Park to re-contextualise it as conservative. It is genius and I hope that across America, every evangelical and conservative runs out and rents/buys every season.

Some of my favourite episodes include “The Super Best Friends,” “The Passion of the Jew,” “A Ladder to Heaven” and who can forget “Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut”? Yum, yum – it’s good ol’ wholesome family viewing.

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