Butch needs a home, how can I compete? Of all weekends…

My sister called me last night to let me know that she’s moving on Monday and the new place does not welcome feline residents. SO my dear friend Butch is facing homelessness in a couple days. We can’t have him here due to deathly huzbond allergies (eyes swell up like water balloons) so I’m putting […]

The art of floating an air biscuit – inherent or learned?

I think everyone has a particular, consistent style when it comes to anal audio. Seriously. I know it’s gross, but think about it and then think about your loved ones. My guess is that it’s inherent but not necessarily hereditary. Perhaps we’re sitting on a new biometric measure? For example, as a child I’d often […]

Pop’s Power Elite on Britney and Other Glitterati

And the survey says? “Trust me, she’s over.” The L.A. times interviewed 21 of the music industry’s top execs (Clive Davis, Don Ienner, Kanye West) to anonymously dig at their thoughts on the world’s highest-grossing music acts and to get their guesses on which ones will be bringing in the biggest buckets of cash over […]

Bank machine slots!? Only in Japan…

“Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is introducing fruitmachine-style games of chance which run while the ATM processes its more mundane transactions.” Three lucky 7’s waives your transaction fee and three golds scores you about $10. Holy shit! Why don’t you silly banks save your money on all the smoke’n’mirrors and just waive the friggin’ fees? Shouldn’t you […]

Oh dear dog who looks like a cat on first glance…

how you illustrate where I imagine my own self to be situated in the next few hours. I’m on my way to my friend’s stagette tonight – I’ve NEVER been to a stagette in all my 30 years but I’ve seen them go down. They look appealing and terrifying all at once. The twist to […]

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