No Way You Bloody Minger…

I used to constantly annoy my friends with the game – “what would you do for a million dollars?” Usually it was disgusting, unspeakable shit but I didn’t care. It was funny to see my friends in pain. But then fucking Fear Factor strolled along and basically stole all my best ideas. I never thought I’d live to see the day where people would ACTUALLY munch boiled pig rectum for fifty g’s – in front of the masses even!

My version of the game was way better ’cause I think leaving foul, absurd crap to the imagination is far more effective. Ask my friend Lisa, she’s scarred for life. But she secretly loves it.

So, I’d forgotten all about this part of my past until earlier today when Brandi down in good ol’ Louisiana inspired me to take one more kick at the can. This time I’m starting the game myself (and you’re welcome to join in the comments section) with a slightly new version of the original.

Besides the fact that I’m happily married to my Neo and this situation would obviously never happen anyway, let’s play:

“No Way You Bloody Minger, A Million is Not Enough”

1) Karl Rove
2) Christopher Walken
3) Kalan Porter
4) Gene Simmons (unless we could recreate the Domino video)
5) David Gest
6) John Revolta
7) Ben Mulroney
8) Michael Coren
9) Jim Bakker (note: how is this idiot back on tv? – unbelievable!)
10) Adam Duritz

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One Response to “No Way You Bloody Minger…”

  1. Yen says:

    Dani, don’t forget about the time when you asked me “for a million dollars would you suck the contents out of a recently deceased corpse’s intestine?”. That is classic YOU and the grossist thing I’ve ever heard. And my answer to your question is number 5 – I’d rather poke out my eyes!