Cillian Murphy a.k.a. Scarecrow

How does he make his eyes go dead like that?

Saw Batman last night and I was really impressed with Cillian Murphy – I didn’t recognise him from 28 Days Later at all!

Batman was better than expected and everyone was well cast, except for Katie Holmes. She was painfully out of place in this flick, too wholesome, zero edge to her. The role needed a little more gristle gnashing. (Hey, speaking of miss Holmes I heard that this weirdo Tom and Katie thing is a publicity stunt to cover up the fact that Tom was allegedly caught humping Rob Thomas. I don’t know about that, but I think there’s some PR voodoo going on for sure. Maybe Rob wants a piece of the action too. ‘Cause, well, his solo album ain’t exactly flying off the shelves now is it?)

In Batman, what gripped me was how Cillian easily became the walking dead for the Scarecrow role. Not in a zombie-like way, more like “I’m one cruel mutha”. There’s not one glimmer of compassion in his eyes, they’re simply cold, crisp and unreadable. It was unbearble and completely compelling – the prefect combo for Scarecrow.

Just how is a human being able to evoke such a steely stance? It’s opposite to trading a dead grandma memory for a crocodile tear. I imagine you have to explore some pretty dark places.

I always judge a movie by how much I think about it the next day and in this case, Cillian’s got me a bit worked up. I’m going to check out an older Irish film he starred in called Disco Pigs. It received horrible reviews – but it looks like he’s playing a similar sociopath minus the superhero angle. I am curious about you Cillian Murphy!

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4 Responses to “Cillian Murphy a.k.a. Scarecrow”

  1. Nataly cameron says:

    well before I turned into a Cillian Murphy fan mark wahlberg was my favorite actor and then when I went to go see the Batman movie the first impression that came upon me was that this guy is cute but he looks like he has some issues [or as I would put it out of this world] .And I wanted to find out more about him and I am you know just looking on the fan sites and stuff……. [oh and by the way this is the first time that I am writting and posting something up so please spare me!!!!!!!!

  2. Ashley says:

    Cillian Murphy as Jackson Rippner

    I was blown away!!! this guy’s a great actor! he can REALLY act! don’t know if its that look in his eyes, his mesmerizing voice, or his body language that juz keeps u staring at him the whole time! best actor i’ve seen in ages… beats tom cruise by a mile… Can’t wait for his next film!

  3. Meeghan says:

    I saw Batman Begins, I just can’t stand Katie Holmes, she just has no edge, she’s boring and talentless. Just because she has Tom Cruise, and a baby doesn’t mean she’s the best. I think Cillian was way better than everyone in this movie, he reminds me of Johnny Depp, very talented, and full of quirky, eccentric, personality. Cillian is like Johnny, by they both stand out, don’t live in hollywood, and are incredibly attractive, both have piercing eyes. Cillian sure does have piercing eyes. I could be swept away by just a glance.