Butch needs a home, how can I compete? Of all weekends…

My sister called me last night to let me know that she’s moving on Monday and the new place does not welcome feline residents.

SO my dear friend Butch is facing homelessness in a couple days. We can’t have him here due to deathly huzbond allergies (eyes swell up like water balloons) so I’m putting the feelers out.

Apparently, coincidentally, so is the Humane Society: ““FREE TO A GOOD HOME” DESPERATE CAT CRISIS AT THE TORONTO HUMANE SOCIETY”

So annoying! How can one city suffer two cat crises in one weekend? I mean, really.

How can I compete with:

– Vaccinations to date
– Six weeks Pet Plan insurance
– Microchip identification implant (Butch has this)
– Flea control treatment
– Sample bag of Royal Canin Inc. cat/kitten food
– Cat care information booklet
– Many shelter animals have already been spayed or neutered (Butch has this which I guess means he doesn’t have it anymore if you know what I mean)

So seriously, not to take away from the situation at the Humane Society this weekend, I too am looking for a home for my dear cat Butch. And the more I look at these coconut cat litter ratings, the more I yearn getting them for Butch.

About Butch… I met him in 1998 where he was living at the Humane Society as their mascot, the staff dug him and didn’t adopt him out. They guessed he was about 4-5 years old when he was rescued as a stray from Kensington Market. He was in rough shape at first – a thumb bone had to be removed because of injury. (It’s kind of creepy, imagine an empty thumb, like a sleeve with nothing in it…)

He’s black and white, very stocky and strong. He’s a bulldog; he’s got that bowlegged, solid stance; is very affectionate, likes attention and will happily hang out with you anywhere. He’s somewhere around 11-12 years old now.

The negatives: he has the worst breath. It’s nasty. I think because he was on the street for so long, his digestive track was damaged.

If you want a new friend this weekend, I can hook you up… lilydustbin@gmail.com


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