“Jake Dies” – tragic comedy set to Elliott Smith’s Sweet Adeline

I stumbled across this video set to Sweet Adeline quite accidentally yesterday. It’s got a Napolean Dynamite thing happening and it’s kinda funny. Not sure if it’s a tribute or a nod to Elliott or simply a tragic comedy set to one of his songs. Either way, it’s something new related to Elliott that I […]

Hurricane preparation in the deep south…

Spotted at Rotolo’s pizza/bar in Baton Rouge. Thanks for the pic Brandi!

Mind Game for the weekend

Are you in the 2% or 98% of the population? My friend MyKL turned me onto this cool little exercise… it’s quite fascinating – give it a try! Image from explodingdog.com

Penguin named Colonel in Chief in the Norwegian Army

An Edinburgh resident has been promoted to one of the most senior ranks in the Norwegian Army after a special ceremony at his home. But Colonel in Chief of the Royal Norwegian Guard, Nils Olav, is no ordinary soldier. He is in fact a penguin. Proud penguin Nils Olav was today inspecting his very own […]

Shamed at the gym.

Things have gone downhill since getting married. I don’t care about personal hygiene the way I used to. That’s not to say I only shower and floss for Saturday night lovin’ – it’s not really that extreme. It’s all in the details. I really noticed it at the gym this past Thursday evening. There I […]

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