Cottage Incognito

I’m on the last day of my week-long cottage adventure, about 100 pages away from finishing Tom Robbins’ “Villa Incognito”.

I love the guy. He’s wonderful and always reminds me that being alive is amazing and filled with wonder – you just gotta look under the surface.

Before I get weird and weepy (from Tom Robbins’s genius and from missing the huzbond something fierce) I’d like to share some of my favourite lines from the book:

“Are we not a contradictory species occupying a dichotomous planet wobbling about in what, from all indications, is a paradoxical universe?”

“The soul is most definitely not some pale vapor wafting off a bucket of metaphysical dry ice. For all its ectoplasmic associations, it steadfastly contradicts those who imagine it to be a billow of sacred flatulence or a shimmer of personal swamp gas.”

“Are you really the All Controlling Agent of Destiny and Change?”

“The moon bloomed like a radiation sore, every tree was ajitter with swinging intestines.”

“Was Jesus an enlightened being who understood maya (the illusory nature of the material world) and the folly of seeking happiness through wealth, or was he merely a humorless, undersexed, masochistic proto-communist with an olive branch up his butt?”

Thank you Tom Robbins, you make me smile!

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