Snow kiting anyone?

OMG! Snow kiting looks like an awful lot of fun, eh? Read more about it at 75 Degrees South, a great blog from a British fellow who’s currently conducting research for the British Antarctic Survey in, you guessed it, Antarctica. He’s obviously having fun too! So where do I sign up to snow kite in […]

What about the crotch? Or as my granny would say, “crutch”…

“LA hairdresser Steve Erhardt, who has spent over $250,000 on 30 different cosmetic procedures to turn himself into a Ken doll. His first operation was a nose job in 1987 from Michael Jackson’s surgeon, who also gave him a Kirk Douglas style cleft chin. Since then he’s had pec implants, butt implants and was the […]

Sunday afternoon musings, breakups and gay penguins

It’s a rainy day so I’m lounging in the office catching up on some reading and listening to Jeff Buckley. It’s my favourite breakup album and probably one of my favourite albums of all time. It’s such a good record, sometimes I feel like I need to listen to it everyday. It’s so passionate! I’m […]

#1 ‘food’ item purchased from Wal-marts prior to a hurricane?

Wal-Mart can merchandise for the weather. With the hurricanes last year in Florida, they mined data from stores in the hurricane’s path to find out what people buy when they know a hurricane’s approaching. They nailed it down specifically to strawberry pop-tarts. Toaster-oven treats in general were big, but #1 — strawberry pop-tarts. This is […]

Penguins – the most unintelligent design ever!

The New York Times published an article about several Christian groups who are attempting to co-opt “The March of the Penguins” claiming it as an argument for intelligent design and family values. [sigh] I didn’t see any WWJD anklets on any of those Emperors in the doc (which btw is the second highest-grossest documentary only […]

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