Francis Bean sprouts!

Cheesy title day! Blame Miss Valerie (who also coined the righteous term “fuck hair”) for this tip on Francis Bean Cobain’s upcoming appearance in Teen Vogue. It’s the October issue so maybe it’s already hanging at the corner store right now.

I know you’re curious, you don’t have to hide it. I am too. It truly blows my mind to think that she’s old enough to be in Teen Vogue.

A snippet from the interview: “I’m a different person, I don’t want to be titled as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter. I want to be thought of as Frances Cobain.”

So true. And of her obvious heritage?

In fact, this Cobain is determined to do everything differently. “She (Courtney) tells me to ‘live free and be free, but listen to other people’s advice’,” she says. “I listen, but I don’t always follow it.”

Barely 13, yet somehow I know I’m going to heed her words one day.

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