If a random act of kindness is observed, does it still count?

There’s a woman in my building who practises random acts of kindness right under our noses.

It’s really something.

I was in the laundry room today (our laundry room is the source of many stores, I tells ya) doing seven loads of laundry at slightly varying time intervals. Why so much laundry? Well, we haven’t done laundry in weeks, the huzbond unexprectedly had to go to Montreal today for work and we have my cousin’s wedding tomorrow… so you do the math.

As anyone who does laundry in a public facility knows, scoping the dryer is easily the shittiest, most anxiety-laden part of cleaning the ol’ clothes. I know I need seven dryers in a space that only has seven dryers, so I’m in hawk mode and spot this hipster chick foldng clothes and piling them into a basket sitting on top of a dryer. Score. Then she leaves. And leaves the clothes. Weird.

OK, well what do I care? Another liberated dryer. Then I notice that the dryer to the left of that one has stopped running as well, so I open it to check the situation. Shit, clothes are still wet, can’t do anything about that. That would be wrong. Wrong.


Then my little hipster returns (15-20mins later) eating a chocolate bar. I ask her if the dryer with the wet clothes is hers and she stares blankly at me.

“The clothes are still wet, I didn’t take them out.”

“Oh, yeah. Thanks. I’ll have to run it through again, I guess it was on a wrong setting.”

She leaves again but doesn’t reboot the dryer! Weird! What the heck is she on?

So I give up and double up one of the loads.

About an hour later I come back and notice most of the clothes from the finished dryers are folded and just sitting on top of each dryer. Who folds their clothes, lays them on top of a dryer and leaves them? Weird!

I’m convinced the Vice-loving babe in my building is folding other people’s laundry when it’s done. What else could it be? That’s the only thing that makes sense. Her behaviour suggests it and really, who the hell folds a stranger’s laundry? Unless it’s deliberate…

I say someone practising random acts of kindness, that’s who. How cool is that!!??

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3 Responses to “If a random act of kindness is observed, does it still count?”

  1. veronica says:

    hey danielle!

    i think that if someone sees you in the act of random act, it is no longer random. but it doesnt ruin it, it’s just embarassed to be caught.

    hey can you pass on this url to collin, i just came across it and wanted to get in touch but could not find his email but i knew where i could find you!

    xoxo veronica

  2. veronica says:


  3. Jay says:

    I think it’s not an act of kindness at all to fold someone else’s clothes. That’s not cool. I do not want a stranger’s hands all over my stuff, much less my intimate stuff!