The trees are alive with the sound of music…

Recently it’s occured to me that much of the music I’m listening to lately references forests and/or trees in one way or another.

The list:

in the trees – the konki duet
little tree feat – h. hashimoto & m. maire
black horse and the cherry tree – kt tunstall
dream – forest for the trees
father in the forest – matisyahu
the forest scares the hell out of me – say hi to your mom

Trees symbolise so many things: birth, growth, life, regeneration, the bridge between the land and the sky, healing, wisdom, fertility, love, prosperity and the list goes on! It’s no wonder there are so many songs about ’em.

I’ll leave you with some tree facts that are sure to inspire. Go hug a tree, man!

* The world’s oldest trees are Bristlecone pines in the USA, with
   confirmed ages up to 4600 years.

* Trees contribute to neighborhood livability by reducing city noise
   and glare, and by calming and slowing traffic.

* Each urban tree with a 50-year lifespan provides an estimated $273    a year in reduced costs for air conditioning, erosion control,
   stormwater control, air pollution, and wildlife shelter.

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