The boy who speaks no consonants

My friend Kim works in a childcare centre and on the weekend she told me about an unusual four year old she takes care of. He’s unusual because he speaks using only vowels.

Intellectually, his development is on par with other children his age and he’s in speech therapy to learn how to speak using both consonants and vowels. I think it’s quite fascinating how children develop and process learning. What happened in this child’s brain to block the use of consonants?

In his honour, here is an all-vowel poem from the island of Protocosmo:

A eo,
A ea,
Ae ie.
Ooo! I ee a ooaa.

(Translation: A rising sun / A river / One pine tree / Ooo! I eye a bird!) – courtesy of The Dictionary of All-Vowel Words

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5 Responses to “The boy who speaks no consonants”

  1. /pd says:

    Hey dustbin, any chance of throwing out pointer to the type of disorder this is ?? I mean scientifically. Any chance of you asking your friend and thowing back a comment here ?


  2. /pd says:

    Opps – no reply :(-

    Lazy dustbin !!

  3. lilydustbin says:

    more like very busy dustbin… in the middle of moving and that friend lives out of town. give us a break would ya?? jeez! i’ll get to it before the end of the year… 🙂

  4. /pd says:

    gosh, you nose just become longer !!!

    Okidoki– but serrious could you shot me an email when you find out. Pls pls pls ?? :)-

  5. Kimi says:

    Was a diagnosis ever given? My daughter does the same thing.. no one can tell me why.