Below is a photo of me at yesterday’s Toronto Zombie Walk… It was awesome. (courtesy of the Huzbond, see more photos at the photobin) As we lurched into Dundas Square, we passed through a gathering for UMOVE (United Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere). I was worried that we’d disturb a very serious rally but a smart […]

pingüinos pingouins pinguins penguins

the devil will find work for idle hands to do…

Fame, Fame, fatal Fame It can play hideous tricks on the brain Want more mozbots?

The trees are alive with the sound of music…

Recently it’s occured to me that much of the music I’m listening to lately references forests and/or trees in one way or another. The list: in the trees – the konki duet little tree feat – h. hashimoto & m. maire black horse and the cherry tree – kt tunstall dream – forest for the […]

Random Cover Orchestra

What is the Random Cover Orchestra? “RCO is a concept band, its idea is quite simple: all the musicians are conected to the same ipod that is playing songs in random (various type of songs, pop and quite famous songs or unknown not pop songs…) then they have to play a cover of this song […]

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