The forces of evil…

Momus does it again: “I dislike Satanism for aesthetic reasons too. Occult sections in bookstores are usually magnets for the spottiest, stupidest, most badly-dressed people. Occultist websites are appalling cautionary tales, evidence that, whatever else he does, Satan makes you commit every graphic design sin known to man.”

If a random act of kindness is observed, does it still count?

There’s a woman in my building who practises random acts of kindness right under our noses. It’s really something. I was in the laundry room today (our laundry room is the source of many stores, I tells ya) doing seven loads of laundry at slightly varying time intervals. Why so much laundry? Well, we haven’t […]

I love you Sad Kermit.

There’s an odd comfort in Kermit the Frog’s version of Elliott Smith’s “Twilight” – wouldn’t you agree?

Rating Murray on a scale of easiness to hotness.

When I was going to Ryerson in the 90s, I had a crazy, brilliant sociology professor named Murray Pomerance. Murray was often seen sporting some amusing guinea pig hair, imagine a variety of mohawk or forward-pointing ducktail. In my mind, the hair was because he seldom slept and when he did, it was in his […]

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