David Bowie, Boy George or Ricky Gervais?

momus has the answer to this and much, much more. Speaking of David Bowie (who may or may not be the answer to the above question, you have to discover that yourself), he’s shooting a new film with Michael Caine which sounds really fascinating: ‘The Prestige’ follows the story of two competing magicians, reports Reuters. […]

What can I say, it’s a Hello Kitty week.

EARN THAT BOW! courtesy of the huzbond!

Es war ich.

Giant penguin holds up train A train driver caused delays on a German rail line after mistaking a giant toy penguin for a dead man in a tuxedo. Passengers were left stranded in Neuwied after Udo Vergens pulled the emergency stop when he saw what he thought was a man lying face down and wearing […]

What does Hello Kitty smell like?

“Most mobile phone trends that hit the States begin with a launching pad in Japan. One of the latest potential trends coming out of Japan is the “smell tone.” The scented Keitai KunKun mobile phone charms attach to the cell phone and release a variety of fragrances to signal an incoming call or text message. […]

Things I’ve learned living in the country for one week…

It’s been a week since I moved from downtown Toronto to Orangeville. Here are some things I didn’t know a week ago: * setting up satellite high-speed is not easy * satellite service tech support makes Sympatico’s support look good    (ie: 48hrs response time is considered acceptable) * setting up a wireless network with said […]

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