Molly the Heifer, your will is strong. Be free.

Stopped at a light near Jane and Eglinton yesterday I noticed an undulating movement in my peripheral vision.

Turning my head, I was greeted by a mess of tongues, big black noses and giant eyes. The eyes were knowing. They knew. Those big, brown eyes broke my heart.

Those eyes were broadcasting “help me” vibes from inside a large transport truck, presumably delivering them unto the promised land. I was so saddened by my vision of their future that I considered crashing my car into the truck to save them. Of course, this wouldn’t have worked; its only success would have been in the delay the inevitable.

The thing that stopped me from following through? No one would have known why I crashed the car, I didn’t have time to scribble a note. My statement would have gone unnoticed. Selfish, I know. Poor cows.

I told the huzbond the story and he said he was glad I didn’t sacrifce my life to save the heifers.

It’s only today that I’ve realised I was driven to consider such behaviour due to having just heard the Smiths’ “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” on the ceeb no more than 10 minutes earlier. Of course! The content of the song absolutely and a subconscious processing of the fact that Morrissey doesn’t eat anything that “swims, walks or flies” must have put me on edge.

Coincidentally, driving home last night, Collin also had an experience with the CBC and cows! Crazy, I know!

On As It Happens, he listened to the story of Molly the Heifer:

“Come hill or high water, Molly the Heifer has a will to live. Last night we heard from Del Morris. He’s one of the managers at Mickey’s Meat Packing Plant in Montana. Mr. Morris recounted a dramatic six-hour ordeal of chasing down his fugitive cow. In Molly’s spirit, Mr. Morris recognized a certain “joie de vivre” and so he spared her life. Talkback thinks it knows why.”

It’s a fantastic story. You can listen here.

Molly is the true freedom fighter. She doesn’t think about it, she just is… it.

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One Response to “Molly the Heifer, your will is strong. Be free.”

  1. shadowhawk says:

    I’m glad Molly got her reprieve. If an animal that normally doesn’t know the difference shows that much of a will to live, it should be honored.