Mark Crispin Miller on the Daily Show – Dish, Texas

Texas town adopts corporate name…

For the record, Miller is a willing participant and knows the score.


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2 Responses to “Mark Crispin Miller on the Daily Show – Dish, Texas”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So you’re saying Miller was in on the gag? For true? Well, even if someone with his politics DOESN’T know who the Daily Show guys are, how could not have known the whole thing was a farce. That was pretty funny. I think the Daily Show is eventually going to run out of people who don’t know who they are. Well…300,000,000 people. Maybe not.

  2. huz says:

    Of course he knew… Inside scoop is that they taped for over an hour to get those shots. Don’t forget, Mark also does theatre.
    How could a guy who has penned several anti bush books and books on the Media and TV’s influence on culture not know about Jon Stewart?

    What makes me laugh is how many people are convinced this was real… sheesh.