An Exquisite Corpse

This is the best one I’ve worked on so far, hands down.


“The Exquisite Corpse game (along with some of the most influential and intriguing art of the century) was developed by the artists and writers associated with Andre Breton’s surrealist group during the third decade of the twentieth century.

The process on this site has been digitized. It is a collaboration between a small number of artists, each with little to no idea as to what has gone before, creating a (hopefully) single, unified and otherwise unique work that could not be created any other way. Graphic skills, while important, need not be a barrier to participation. Flexibility, creativity, humor, and openness are indispensible.”

Visit if you’d like to play or see other participants’ creations. It’s pretty fantastic!

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3 Responses to “An Exquisite Corpse”

  1. Josh says:

    Holy, that’s super good! What parts did you do? Do you know what that hanzi (Chinese characters) says?

  2. radiorocket says:

    What I find intreaguing about “CMS0286.jpg” (pic featured for article), is the kaji–the Chinese characters–on the piece. We are all familiar with the struggle to push cigarette smoke from public breathing spaces in North America, but in most of Asia, the perception of smoking remains in a kind of 1950’s ‘everyone-does-it–it’s-just-the-way-it-is’ mode. Philip Morris, et al, can, ultimately, pay huge court settlements in North America because of revenues generated from Asian & Latin American markets where the likelihood of similar legal actions are essentiall non-existant.

  3. lilydustbin says:

    Hey Josh, I asked Tian at and he pointed me to an info source.

    He said the characters are random and don’t really mean anything as a whole.

    In the order they appear:

    My part was the top quarter.