Lily on the Dustbin’s new theme song by Don’t Let That Horse

Last week I received an email from Les in Minneapolis to tell me that my blog had inspired a song, “I had never heard the term ‘lily on the dustbin’ before and was inspired. After browsing and reading the site, the words just poured out.”

How incredible is that?

Les records under the name Don’t Let That Horse. You can listen to the track on the sidebar of The Dustbin homepage or even better, go to the Don’t Let That Horse soundclick page and listen to some of his other music too.

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along… LOL. They’re very flattering and I’m a little shy about posting ’em but I can suffer for art. Seriously, I’m honoured to say the least. The Elliott Smith influence is the cherry on top.

“The Lily on the Dustbin theme song”
(L. Tomas Harrison)

Lily On The Dustbin

Teach me how a wallflower grows
Show me love I’ve never known
We’ll find that time w/out end
Lily on the Dustbin

She’s just a misfit to them
Blood of a royal Canadian
Too much for this Ragamuffin
Lily on the Dustbin

Too Decked out to fit in the crowd
She just radiates way too loud
Shine on my rainy heart again
Lily on the Dustbin

She stands out from the weeds
She’s all you want or ‘ll ever need
Knock her down-you’re just jealous of her
And want her for your lover
You realize your mistake and see what
Trouble you’re willing to get in. . .

You’ll try again and again
She’s forever and you’re just a trend
Lily on the Dustbin

I want to share your space
Don’t want to conquer or win
Can I be your lover, maybe just your friend
Lily on the Dustbin

You could call it an obsession
I prefer conjecture with a spin
You’re a sea I wanna’ dive in
Lily on the Dustbin

Come to me now, Come to me again
Smile Upon me with that sweet pierced chin
Want you so much it’s gotta be a sin
You’ll leave me before we ever begin.
Lily on the Dustbin
Lily on the Dustbin
Lily on the Dustbin.

(©Rattlebag Music 2006)

Thanks Les!

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2 Responses to “Lily on the Dustbin’s new theme song by Don’t Let That Horse”

  1. simon says:

    woohoo! beautiful song about a muse(-ical) gal, so lovely x

  2. anonymous says:

    Neigh! Neigh! Les is a Stallion!