expressionless: emo or memail?

Weekday morning. You check the ol’ inbox, ready to start the day. You open a message from a client, the message body is blank but there’s an attachment. An MS Word file. You open it. It’s a “memo”. I think it’s odd but, apparently this is a common practise. I prefer to use the message […]

Friday thoughts

Is every cab in Toronto falling apart? When I get into a cab that smells and looks like 1973, I immediately run down my mental “am I trapped in a sociopath’s rogue death taxi?” list: a) where’s the camera (if they have the camera above the rearview mirror, I reason they must be connected to […]

Snowed in…

We were completely snowed in today. So snowed in that the police were ticketing those who attempted to drive on Highway 9 this morning. I told a few people in Toronto about the conditions and few could believe it considering there was little to NO snow downtown… We tell no lies! Snowed in DAY Snowed […]

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