Keep the plunger. No really, it’s yours, keep it.

Subject line spotted on freeTOreuse this morning: TAKEN: Toilet Plunger

It amazes me to no end what people will reuse and recycle. Toys, books, magazines, clothes, etc – it makes good sense to offer this stuff up and I love the communinty aspect to sharing and reusing. I’ve always been a thrift shopper myself, anyone close to me can attest to the fact that my closet is a constant revolvng door of clothes in and clothes out.

But when you get down to the household tools that come into direct contact with bodily functions, well, it gives me the willies to think of sharing these items. Personally, I wouldn’t take the time and care to make arrangements to pick up a toilet plunger, even if free for the taking. I wouldn’t even post a toilet plunger! Come on, throw it out. Good grief.

Awhile back I wrote about the unusued, unbleached cotton maxi-pads I left out in the community share space of our old co-op. I had accidentally picked up the butt floss cut and thought perhaps someone could make use of them. They sat forever and may even still be there now for all I know.

It’s peculiar to me that my unused pads went to waste (I hope it’s ’cause no one wears thongs anymore, fingers crossed) but someone’s creepy plunger gets a good home. Not only that, but someone took the time to make arrangements to pick up said item. I just think toilet plungers best serve the household when acquired new…


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