Drawing Nelly and Emperor Penguin

It was an emotional whirlwind of a weekend – great conversation, a repeat episode of high family drama, too many Hoegaardens (Heather says, “pronounced ‘who-garten’) and connection with people who I love and care about the most. The weekend ended perfectly with the huz cooking up a storm, a crackling fire and lots of cuddling to three episodes of Six Feet Under.

On Saturday night, I stopped by my friend Kate’s birthday party where she gleefully handed out loot bags to each of her guests. She’d been in Los Angeles for the past few months and while she was there she collected things that reminded her of her friends. Her collection ended up in our loot bags and I must say, I admire her smarts – it’s a great way to handle missing your friends and being so far away from them. Kudos to Kate.

In my loot bag was a zine called Drawing Nelly and Emperor Penguin. You read that correctly, Drawing Nelly and Emperor Penguin. I can’t express enough how perfect this gift is. It’s genius, funny and fantastic! Certainly it’s a brilliant laugh, but man, what an inspiring way to get kids to draw, think about culture and create magical connections. Fuck mchappy shit and Shrek, give me gangsta rap and Antarctica. Yeah, I’m down with that in a big way.




The artist is Aiyana Udesen. See more of her work: Pamela and Rat Snake and photos from her Low Gallery show.

p.s. Happy Monday

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