To say the least: I’m truly disappointed

It’s official. Canada’s downward spiral begins this week. Morrissey hates us.

In a statement issued via a fan site, Morrissey said: “We will not include any Canadian dates on our world tour to promote our new album.

“This is in protest against the barbaric slaughter of over 325,000 baby seals which is now under way.

“I fully realise that the absence of any Morrissey concerts in Canada is unlikely to bring the Canadian economy to its knees, but it is our small protest against this horrific slaughter – which is the largest slaughter of marine animal species found anywhere on the planet.”

Mr. Harper’s claim that the hunt was economically and environmentally justified was untrue, he added.

And he continued: “Construction of German gas chambers also provided work for someone – this is not a moral or sound reason for allowing suffering.”

“As things stand, Canada has placed itself alongside China as the cruelest and most self-serving nation.”

Morrissey then goes on to ask fans to boycott Canadian goods.

I’m not a fan of the seal hunt, but I really find it insulting and detestable that Morrissey compares this work to German gas chamber construction.

And why take up the fight now… suddenly because several celebrities have decided to take up the cause? This has been a black mark on Canada for as long as I can remember.

Not to say Morrissey shouldn’t protest, of course he should! He should protest all countries that slaughter animals inhumanely – cows, lambs, chickens, goats… the meat/fur industry is ridden with disgusting practices. When you look at it that way, suddenly every country must come under attack.

I think Morrissey’s stance is reactionary and totally counter-productive. Perhaps if he came to Canada and discussed the problem, maybe even handed out pamphlets, set up kiosks at his shows, he could educate and mobilise us as opposed to ostracizing and comparing us to Nazis!

And I also think it’s extremely convenient that his public statement comes just before the release of his new album.

Call me a cynic.


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5 Responses to “To say the least: I’m truly disappointed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Morrissey is a tired old hack and a hypocrite anyway. And these days he looks like a truck driver. I would totally club a seal.

  2. lilydustbin says:

    Gentle commenter, thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in a long time. It was hearty and deep.

  3. SkylarKD says:

    I think the seal hunt is like any other type of hunt, be it cattle, chicken, pig, etc. None of them are pretty. But pristine white ice flows make a much better photo-op – really shows off the blood nicely.

    I wish that people would get their facts straight on this issue – I’ve heard so many ‘statistics’ lately. No matter what someone’s stance on an issue is, I’ll respect them if they have sought independent evidence, listened to both sides, and made an informed decision, instead of merely believing what was handed to them on a fact sheet. I saw a press conference with Pamela Anderson today, and she admitted that she’s never spoken with anyone involved in the sealing industry, although she ‘knows people who have’. Yet she’s an international spokesperson rallying against the seal hunt. I don’t think the McCartneys had spoken to sealers either, and that frustrates me. I’m sure the people who do this for a living would welcome the chance to be heard.

    Speaking of… check out this poster:

    Save the Baby Veal: Avoid Cultural Prejudice

    “… all cultures have a relationship to animals and … people in southern urbanized settings should not look down their noses at people whose cultures and economies are still closely tied to the harvesting of animals in the wild”

    The poster is meant to give southerners a little glimpse into what it might feel like to have their own culture and animal practices judged harshly by outsiders.

    National Inuit Youth Council:

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. lincoln says:

    How frustrating – all this talk of Canada being bad for hunting seals – rubbish!

    I found this only today —

    From the Canada High Commission, responding to the bad publicity.