Taking Funk To A Whole New Level…

Call for volunteers.

Four dollars? Telcos are the new banks…

I’m at the Second Cup on Queen with an hour to kill so I power up the old HP and decide to catch up on some email. With no free wi-fi to be found, I relent and signup for a Rogers HotSpot session. Last time I used the service it cost me six bucks for […]

Lest we forget…the wet t-shirt contest

Dear Wikipedia (and therefore “the Collective”), Some days I wonder what I’d do without you. Other days I curse you to all hell. Damn you… damn you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wet_T-shirt_contest Is it your goal to be thicker, harder and meaner than the Alaskan Pipeline… AND carry more seed? I don’t think I can support that decision. Some […]

Morrissey quiz, Elliott Smith Tribute, Death Cab vid and lilydustbin.etsy.com

Daydreaming about the long weekend? Me too amigo. Here’s some fun to help you get there: Take the Bigmouth Strikes Again quiz from our fine friends at cbc.ca (I got a lousy 6/10, another reason to mope about) *** *** *** Christopher O’Riley has released a new piano epic: “Home to Oblivion: An Elliott Smith […]

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