Four dollars? Telcos are the new banks…

I’m at the Second Cup on Queen with an hour to kill so I power up the old HP and decide to catch up on some email.

With no free wi-fi to be found, I relent and signup for a Rogers HotSpot session. Last time I used the service it cost me six bucks for an hour, which I think is outrageous enough, but in a bind I’ll pay.

On the main signup screen I notice that I can use my Telus account to have the session added to my cell phone bill as opposed to using my credit card. I’m thinking, rock on! Let’s do it.

Not a good decision… first off an hour session costs ten bucks if I choose to pay this way! TEN DOLLARS! That’s four extra bucks just to have the “convenience” of having the service added to my phone bill…

Now I’m thinking four dollars is not worth avoiding the hassle of entering all my credit card information. And you know what? This form actually asks for MORE info: my credit card number, the issuing bank’s name, the contact number on the back of the card… it’s crazy how much info they ask for. And I know they already have all this on file… that’s WHY I thought it would be convenient to use this method of payment.

So what’s the point? What a crock, I mean really.

So, I go back to the HotSpot screen, pay six bucks for an hour and enter less info on the payment form.

I just don’t get what these guys at the Telcos are thinking.

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One Response to “Four dollars? Telcos are the new banks…”

  1. INFURIATING. It offends me that in a coffee shop where I pay 4 dollars for a hot chocolate, they can’t even throw me a bone in the form of free WiFi. Don’t these places realize that if they offer free WiFi, they’ll have my business for entire days at a time, and I’ll buy more of the swill they pass off as hot chocolate?

    The guys at the link below have the right idea….and the businesses on their list just gained new a dedicated customer in me.

    Another helpful link: