I must confess, I agree.

OUR MUSIC: Belle and Sebastian, “The Life Pursuit”

An album cannot be proclaimed “the perfect summer album,” without meeting certain standards and qualifications.

On their new release, “The Life Pursuit,” Scottish rockers Belle and Sebastian exceed the necessary factors in the perfect summer album formula, combining pop vocals and perfect harmonies with music that makes you unable to refrain from dancing.

If the Beach Boys and Elliott Smith had a love child in the ’70s (despite Elliott Smith being born in 1969 and the Beach Boys hitting their peak in 1966 with the release of “Pet Sounds”), it would be Belle and Sebastian.

Anyone who can listen to this album without imagining running through a field of flowers, or driving in their car with the windows down, should return to their heavy metal CD.

…and it’s not just the nod to Elliott Smith – I hum this record to myself all the time. It feels like an old familiar sweater that hugs you just right. So lovely.

SOURCE – Niagara Gazette

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