A new religion

In my ongoing quest (battle more like it) to find my bliss, I found a new one. I want to be this woman. She is GLORIOUS. When I have children, they’ll learn that Peaches is a queen to be worshipped. We will all worship at the altar of Peaches. I am building a shrine (west […]


I’m annoyed with everything today – most of all me! So to make myself feel beter, here are some things that annoy me besides myself: 1) Lazy music writing – “{insert artist} boasts an infectious blend of {insert genre} and {insert genre}” OR “{insert artist}’s loud, unapologetic, swaggering rock…” Who rocks apologetically? BLAH! 2) Andy […]

rock’n’rollers are the new terroirists

Forget clothing lines, restaurants, perfumes… wine is the new celebrity trend. The trend started becoming apparent to me while browsing through Tool’s press kit for 10000 Days. Part of the literature included a link to caduceus.org – a vineyard belonging to frontman, Maynard James Keenan. It struck me as fairly odd that a member of […]


This is really creative and cool. And it’s about as close to the World Cup as I get. http://www.fingerskilz.tv Now we just need 40,000 some odd prostitute puppets sexing it up on the sidelines. Then it would be perfect. Man, so cynical… sooo cynical.

Barry gets daggy with it.

“Daggy music is one way to make the hoons leave an area because they can’t stand the music.” God bless those lunatics down under – their slang is the best by far. In fact, the term “lily on the dustbin” is Australian slang for a woman who overdresses for an occassion only to be stood […]

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